CROHNIC® "say krä-nik"

Established in 2016, CROHNIC was founded by Durs, an invisible illness patient and advocate with over 12 years of hands-on experience managing his own treatment. Raised between Buffalo and San Diego, Durs has experienced the challenges and frustration of being a "professional patient" without the ability to access the level of care his health demands. With steadfast perseverance, he methodically searched for, and met with, countless specialists before realizing one of the key components of healing chronic illness: Maintaining a level of mental health that can support the additional burdens of pain and uncertainty suffered in the pursuit of treatment. Turning to his primary sources of inspiration in the realms of art and fashion, Durs witnessed a lack of representation in each facet that highlighted an opportunity to bring awareness and inspiration to the disabled community. With nearly 20% of the North American buying market identifying as disabled, CROHNIC meets an underserved audience with exciting and accessible products that enhance visibility, aid in symptom management, and inspire indispensable dialogue on the experience of chronic and invisible illnesses. 


CROHNIC is every day.