CROHNIC® "say krä-nik"

CROHNIC began after many years of feeling alone as a patient, seeing the growing need for a brand that represents those with in_visible illnesses, with the purpose of uplifting voices in this diverse community.

These days, many will only accept things they can see with their eyes in front of them. This unrealistic "demand" creates a large gap in society between those experiencing invisible/misunderstood ailments and those that are "healthy", even impacting patient care from treating medical professionals.

According to the CDC, 26% of the United States population is disabled, which amounts to roughly 61 Million Americans. These statistics are pretty consistent across the western developed world when comparing the U.K. (21%) or Canada (22%). How is this group, the largest and most-diverse minority in the US, being largely ignored by most of fashion? Insert: CROHNIC

The goal is simple: centering product, pattern, and garment design around the experience and needs of those with [in]visible illnesses through clothing and content. Acknowledging these experiences while creating space for curiosity and  fresh perspectives leaves you with a brand focused on patients, advocates, and every one.

Join the movement of disability advocacy today with

                                                                    CROHNIC® ThoughtWear by j/durs

Est. 2016; Opened 2019-20??


CROHNIC® by j/durs

Putting your biggest vulnerabilities into a brand that promotes open and honest living, despite limitations while being sick and disabled yourself, is only the first step of the creative journey. Turning these socially diverging ideas into a cohesive brand has taken 6-years of dedicated work, planning, dreaming, designing, and listening. Creating an open space around these issues through design is a movement we aspire to establish with CROHNIC, while developing a collection that contains intrinsic messages rarely found on T-shirts.

CROHNIC exists to fill the void in-between--focusing on the community it serves; designed and created by a patient for patients.

CROHNIC is every day.

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